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Next-Gen PVE Updates

Hey Everyone We had a major issue with the PVE rust server. We had to change the connection port and start up the server differently.
So for an easy way to connect for the first time is client.connect in the F1 menu. We will leave more notes about it but the old instance is dead.

If you had vip on the old server you will still have it on the current server. If you don't message use on discord and we will fix it for you


Zombie Survival Event

Hello Everyone,

We are going to be hosting a zombie survival event. It will consist of our zombie hordes being increased massively. You will still be able to kill them with one shot to the head, but they are fast and deadly, and they will not forget that you exist quickly. Fight Or Die!!. Be aware If the horde kills you, your corpse will join them as a combatant. The event starts today 5/13/2022 It will run for the remainder of the wipe and possibly into the next one.

Updates to Next-Gen Gaming PVE server January 2021

Hey all just an update. On the 6th Rust is going to update again. We had wanted to get a custom map going, but it is not ready for this wipe. We are also working to get the rust plus going but its fighting me right now.
The most important thing is that we are going to be doing some rebalancing of the loot tables. We are doing our best to make the server an engaging and fun environment that people will want to play on. So a few things are going to be changing on the coming wipe.

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Next-Gen Gaming is aimed at providing an environment for the user to enjoy gaming at the highest level on a few platforms that we provide. We offer games that we play ourselves now and in the past so we feel we can offer a better version with having that in mind.

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