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Hey all just an update. On the 6th Rust is going to update again. We had wanted to get a custom map going, but it is not ready for this wipe. We are also working to get the rust plus going but its fighting me right now.
The most important thing is that we are going to be doing some rebalancing of the loot tables. We are doing our best to make the server an engaging and fun environment that people will want to play on. So a few things are going to be changing on the coming wipe.

  • Backpacks are going to wipe
  • Blueprints are going to wipe

Current Loot rates:

  • 20x gather rate (wood, stone, metal fragments, high quality metal)
  • 25x loot rate
  • 15x scrap rate

Going forward our loot rates will be:

  • 20x gather rate (wood, stone, metal fragments, high quality metal)
  • 3x loot rate
  • 5x scrap rate

Other updates:

  1. All raid bases have been fixed and are strictly PVE only. If you are caught violating this rule it can lead to you being banned. 
  2. If you find a sleeper on the ground or anyones base open with out locks on the tc or any other storage container(ie boxes). You are NOT allowed to loot them. This can lead to us banning you. 

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