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Commands For Next-Gen Gaming Rust 20x

Building Grades

  • /up [grade] [filter] or /up [Filter] ex. /up 1 /up 1 wall 
  • /upall to upgrade all
  • /up to upgrade entire building but not ones that are close by


  • /clan
  • /clanhelp Displays help
  • /clan create <tag> to create clan
  • /clan Join <tag> to join clan
  • /clan leave to leave your current clan
  • /c <message> to send message to all clan members
  • /clan invite <playername> to invite player to join clan
  • /clan invite cancel <playername>
  • /clan kick <playername> to kick specific player from clan
  • /clan promote <playername> to make player clan mod
  • /clan demote <playername> to demote a mod in clan
  • /clan disband to disband your clan
  • /clan ally invite <tag> to request clan alliance
  • /clan ally withdraw <tag> revoke alliance invintation
  • /clan ally accept <tag> to accept Alliance request
  • /clan ally reject <tag> to reject Alliance request
  • /clan ally revoke <tag> to revoke Alliance
  • /a to send message to all clan members and allied clans

Easy Vote

  • /vote to show vote links
  • /claim to claim
  • /rewardlist to Display what rewards you can get.


  • /balance to view your balance in economics

Enhanced Hammer

  • /grade [grade] ie. /grade stone

Extended Recycler

  • /recycler.craft

Furnace Splitter

  • /fs Show the status and help options
  • /fs on to enable Furnace Spliter
  • /fs off to disable Furnace Splitter

Gui Shop

  • /shop

Modded Work Carts

  • /workcartturret

Night Vision

  • /nv to enable or disable Night vision

N Teleportation

  • /home add [Name] to set home
  • /home list to show homes
  • /home remove [Name] to remove home
  • /home [name] teleport to your home
  • /tpr Send teleport request to a player
  • /tpa to accept teleport request
  • /outpost to teleport to outpost
  • /tpc to cancel teleport or request
  • /bandit to teleport to bandit
  • /tpinfo shows limits and cooldowns
  • /tpat toggles automatic tpa on off for specific player

Quarry Locker

  • /quarryteam to allow teammates to access your quarry

Raidable Bases

  • /rb show status of raids going on

Remover Tool

  • /remove to enable/disable tool
  • /remove all Removes everything that touches each other 
  • /remove structure to remove the entire structure
  • /remove external Remove adjacent high external walls
  • /remove help to view help

Skip Night Vote

  • /vote day to cast vote for your vote

Sign Artist

  • /sil <url> to add image from the internet
  • /silt <message> fontsize:<number> to add words to the sign at a set size


  • /skins to skin items


  • /trade "username"
  • /trade accept



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